Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Benrik diaries - File of complaint

This weeks task reaches a 9 on a scale of 10 in stupidity. (A 10 would be that dogging Jehovah’s-thing.)

I’m against both dieting and aversion, and who ever invented either… I hoped he/she died of acute under-nourishment or lies forgotten and overweight in a warm mid-west attic, gasping for air or at least anything with chocolate. : )

Other - Phone conversation of the day:
A man calls asking for his daughter named something Nordin (common name).
- No you've reached XX XXX (me) and I work at XXX (place for extensive explanation).
The man turns quiet and confused, continues: "But I got this number when I called her other phone."
- Oh, I'm sorry but you must have the wrong number, unless I'm your daughter and that's not very likely is it?
He grumbles. - No
- Ok then.

Sometimes I just have to love it when people dial the wrong number.
Which reminds me. A couple of weeks ago I made on of those phone calls myself and the guy answered “Sylvester Stallone!” as if he was expecting a phone call from someone he knew very well.
“I wanted to speak to Anna but it seams I dialled the wrong number.” Quetly I laughed at this point.
“Yes, I think so” he said, not sounding quite as perky as he did when he first answered...

I still remember which number I dialled wrong.
Want Sylvester Stallones number… anyone?

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