Friday, June 9, 2006

Benrik diaries - Give me a hug

... or place a bid.
For Christ sake my starting bid equals 5 chewing gums or half a daim-bar.

Yesterday I saw Ojos de Brujo, they were fucking great and you'd be doing a huge mistake not to explore them further.

And then I got home and there was this fire outside my building! (3 cars from the fire-department and 5 slightly confused neighbourghs.)

World Cup starts tonight. Wey... or something.
Still French Open continues and in my mind that's the biggest television-event of the year. Sorrow equals Sunday when it's all over and there's an entire year of waiting until the next one. How will I be able to survive?

1. Eat chocolate and cry (take time to really grief)
2. Solve world hunger (occupy my mind with other things)
3. Sleep for a year (the sleeping beauty-approach)

Damn. I should have recorded the bloody thing.
But that's right... I haven't got a VCR.

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