Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Benrik diaries - Cobra Kai

I think I dreamt that my father yelled at me for something I had done (or if it was something I didn't do). The strange thing is that now, half-way into the day I can't decide if it really was a dream or if he really did it yesterday when I spoke to him.
I'm feeling pretty weird about the whole thing.


I just heard the most amazing French song, it sampled John Berry's theme from "the persuaders". If anyone know it I'd be very grateful? (I forgot to write it down.)


I'm not tasking this week. It doesn't soothe my personality to go around picking fights with people and besides I did extremely well last week... managing to sell myself on eBay and everything.

One funny thing I found are the simular items to me being sold on e-bay:
- "HEART KEY" 3 Cards from a painting by Jim Smeltz US $6.00
- 3am Art i come from a small town print US $24.99
- ACEO PRINT-SWAN GODDESS-Printed from a painting by Ting US $3.99
- ACEO PRINT- GRACE, a Leo Cow - from a painting by Ting US $3.99
What gave me away!?

My schedule wouldn't allow me tasking. I'm selling a few creative stuff this weekend at this market-thing. Also there's this picnic that me and a couple of friends have managed to put together. And of course I will not sacrifice my bowling-practise. I'm getting better. Although we're not a full team, yet.
I've talked to a few prospects:

"Are you interested in being part of our team?"
"I don't know. Do you have to be good?"
"No, we're mostly aiming to look damn attractive!"

That's where the other team-mates enter the picture.

Did I mention our team-name is "Cobra Kai bowlers"?
Not my idea. J's. By far it's one of his absolute top 3 ideas I have to say.

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