Thursday, June 29, 2006

Benrik diaries - Swedish-gang-tasking

Etnografiska Museét, Stockholm 10.00 am

I was first to arrive on scene.
No benrikans in sight, no staff in sight, in fact no people in sight.
So I decided to take look around.
Upstairs, downstairs...
Found a nice but weird museum, it had a collection of photographs I easely could have examined more closely, this native american room with couches and a small exhibition in honour of totem’s... but I really had other things on my mind; meet benrikans, strip an Englishman.

So I strolled back to the entry, I figured I needed to obtain some kind of map in order to find out witch room G really was and that’s when Miss B. stood there with her book and everything.
"Well, there you are, here we are... and... no one else..." (apart from this old couple who turned out to be Swedish.)
Two confused benrikans in the G-room.
"Where's Nicka and where's the Englishman?"
The suspense almost killed me!
Or, well, that's kind of an over-statement but anyway...
Soon enough Nicka appeared, laughing.

We hung around, Nicka looked at some key-chains,
"I collect them" she said.
And then, due to lack of Englishmen we went for some coffee, anxiously looking for muffins since we decided we needed them more urgently than that Englisman, but we couldn't find any muffins either. Set-back.
We had coffee outside (it's a lovely and sunny day in Stockholm), gossiped about benrik/benrikans and I was very impressed when Nicka showed her edition of the calendar - hers is nametaged!

Eventually the time came for some action. Find that Englishman, etcetera.
So we went back to the G-thing, looked around. Saw this young man (who later turned out to be very nice) who we sneaked up on. And the rest, as they say, is history.... ;-)

(See Nickas next blog for continuation and pictures.)

Surprise 1: That Miss B. wasn't blonde (somehow I thought she would be).
Surprise 2: That's there wasn't more benrikans there... I mean the book sold plenty and even tho' not many Swedes Blog about it I figured a few more would have showed up, just out of curiosity or nakedness.
Disappointment 1 and 2: No Muffins and this lack of Englishmen... What the hell?

All-in-all it was really nice to meet both Nicka, Miss B and René. : )

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