Monday, July 3, 2006

Benrik diaries - Insuring my best feature, pt 1

Some things are fragile and other are solid.

I've decided to try to insure my taste in music. Either that, my hair or my hands.
Let's see how this goes.

While on the subject I've got a new mp3 Yes, again since my last one got stolen a couple of weeks ago. (partly my own fault since I didn't keep enough attention... It was during the intruiging game between England and Sweden.) Anyway, the new one's really nice, better than the last one. I'm a happy puppy.

Question: What music would you recomend?


I had an excellent weekend - Went sailing for the first time ever, (actually I spent enormous amonts of time close to the sea, in one way or the other... but I have yet to go swimming,) had dinner with my parents, bowling-practise and a visit A-L and the dogs - they where all very happy to see me but it was only the dogs who jumped me.

A friend said the following: "We will all do the demanded in order for us to be able to put up with ourselves, no more no less." And I thought that was pretty darn smart.
"I'll probably qoute you on that", I said.
And now I have.


p.s. I managed to solve my first and last word-puzzle ever - I say; quit while you're ahead. FYI: the answer to "nian" in SvD (newspaper) today is "Silltoast" (pickled herring-toast).

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