Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Benrik diaries - Robert took my question – Insuring my best feature, pt 2

Today at noon I called the insurance company.

1. Cancel the insurance I’ve got for accidents, since I don’t feel like I ever want to use it.
2. Insure either my taste in music, my hands, my hair or my heart. (Yester night I listened to E. Satie which made me especially spongy inside and then lead me up to thinking “I should insure my heart!”)

Anyway… I talked to Robert, this nice insurance-guy who didn’t object too much when I talked about cancelling my accident-insurance.
He only asked why, and I explained.
Then I asked him about the possibility to insure my best feature, “…like my hands or something?” and he laughed…
“That would be included in the insurance you’re about to cancel.”
Typical insurance talk (from typical insurance people), right?!
In the end I decided to go ahead with the cancellation and no more.*

I had salomon-role with French potato-salad and coke. Oh, and thanks for the tips on music in my last entry! : )

L o v e ♥

* Robert also told me that he never before heard about anyone trying to get an insurance for a specific part of themselves- he therefore promised he would take the question with him.

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