Friday, August 25, 2006

Benrik diaries - This statue truly changed my life, if I had one.

Swedish Benrik-commando-brigade rules once again!

Mission: Add your touch to an artistic masterpiece.

1. Decorate a statue.
2. Bring stuff for decoration. (I made the sign and I brought some fake hair since I thought we'd decorate a female-statue.)
3. Met-up with the other Benrikans at 19:00 Thursday.
4. Nicka turns up late. Lasr and Mr Olsson are one time, they seem to be people who are on time. I turned up on time.
5. Nicka arrives, we go through our mutual storage of decorations.
- A tiara (yes, Nickas, previous Benrik-tiara).
- A beard-cover contributed by mr Olsson (who doesn't have a beard himself I might add) .
- The stuff previously mentioned.
Lasr didn't bring anything besides a bright spirit.
6. Off we go.
7. On the way to the the statue in mind we find Mäster Palm, who has a beard, making him too good a target to pass, so, quickly we decorate him. Perhaps a bit too quickly. Complete satisfaction and a slight anti-climax.
8. Cure anti-climax by decorating another statue with Nickas yo-yo, conversation, laughs and a crispy chocolate muffin.

Task completed!

Keep an eye out for Mr Olsson's, Nickas and Lasr's blogs. I'm in a bit of a rush and haven't got that much time to write more, more and then some.

Peace and be wild!

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