Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Benrik diaries - Viva Las Vegas

About a year ago I joined the Las Vegas suicide squad.

No, wait, let go back to the beginning…

I gave getting married a thought some years ago and came to the conclusion that getting married was a very Las Vegas thing to do. Meaning there's two things you have to do if you ever go to Las Vegas.
1. Play slot machines and cards at a Casino .
2. Get wed by an Elvis (preferably the 70's Elvis with big glasses and a nice white suit).
Who to marry? Any random dude really. (Annulments here we go!)

Anyway, my friend J told me about this Las Vegas suicide squad where all the members were supposed to buy an open ticket to Las Vegas and then at a specific date, when all else had failed for all members, we'd go to Las Vegas. Auhm... to do all the stupid stuff people do in Las Vegas.
Later I found out that you couldn't buy an open ticket.
Or well, actually, it was more of a fun imagining then ever considering as a possible option.

Update - tasking last week:
The day afterwards all our decorations were gone.

I'll write more about other stuff later this week, not much else to do, I'm staying put, in Stockholm.

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