Friday, September 1, 2006

Words From MySpace - Smokin'

gave up smoking around the age of 20 and managed to stay non-smoking for 3 months. Until I caved in. I came to the conclusion that I acutually liked smoking, liked the taste, the social bennefits and the way it relaxed my body.

A couple of years later after hearing my father coughing rellay hard after 30-smothing years as a smoker. At that point I promised my self not to end up like that. At some point I knew I had to stop smoking so I decided to stop smoking befor turning 30.
30 seamed like a good age cause by then I would have smoked for half my life. Which speaks for it self. It's a long time, plenty of smoke and half a fortune. To continue 15 years more really would make me seam like a dumbass.

During the past weekend. I felt time closing in on me. "I should stop this week" I thought and then... "But this really isn't a good week to quit smoking, I've got too much to do."
Monday passed and Thuesday. And then I thought "There's never a good week to stop is there? There's always some excuse to go on smoking. One could always come up with some reason."

So, as of yesterday I gave up smoking. And I am trying realy hard to see myself as a person with one less addiction.
I am a non-smoker.

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