Thursday, September 14, 2006

Words From MySpace - Maze

I guess I'm having the most horrific week this year.

The funeral was a mess that lasted days afterwards, since now my grandmother's a complete mess due to chock. Her son is dead. I completly understand that's just as hard when you're 80 as it would be if you were 40. She's avoiding us and keeps herself busy preparing for her own and my grandfathers funeral.
To top it all my grandfather has althzeimers...

My duties at work are too shatered, I can't keep a straight mind. And life is a maze you want to get into.

On the bright side I've got these projects inspirering me on my free time. I'm making bags, calenders, glowes and amazing mixed cd's.

I'm hoping tomorrow's a good day.

Just nu läser :
Scar Tissue
Av Anthony Kiedis

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