Friday, November 10, 2006

Words From MySpace - What Kind Of People Are You People

So I click the "download files"-button and enter whatever people want to share with us other people. Download-wise.
I'm amazed.
So far I've entered 2 jocks who had plenty of street-fighting stuff, with movies with filenames such as "a guy beating up a nigger ... cool".
There's the regular porn stuff (everywhere).
One of the guys also had several recepeies for making bombs, as did that other left-wing person whose files I looked through. That person also had lots of documents on communism, police-codes and movies on demonstrating and clips of riots.
Now, who are these people?

To my amusement I've got this Louis Theroux movie when he explores the pornographic world. It's called "Louis Theroux porn" (and lies between my L T hypnosis and L T UFO-file). Much downloaded I must add, especially during the smaller hours of the day.

Perhaps I should rename a couple of other files. Like renaming the short theme to Lovebears that I've got to "girl takes it up the ass by two guys who end up fighting over her - esculating in a Molotov-cocktail being thrown, lovely!"

That's how to go about getting real popular on the internet.

P.S. I
One of the funnier things I found was when I downloaded the L T-movie on hypnosis. That guy had P L E N T Y of things on hypnosis - how to manipulate peoples minds - and what-females-look-for-in-men-kind-of-stuff.

I belive there's a band called "We're only in it for the money" and here's my question: Did they come up with that namn before or after signing a reord-deal?
Or is it a more methaphoric statement about life in general?

Just nu tittar :
Eddie Izzard - Definite Article

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