Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Benrik diaries - Various

My boss called this morning asking whether I was on my way or not.
I was on my way.
He's older than me and I'm full of respect.

This is the first tasking I've done in quite some time. Although I must confess I didn't even know I was tasking.
I haven't been into benrik for quite some time. I've been pre-occupied.
"Were you occupied before you were occupied?" as George Carlin would have wondered.
Is drinking coffee an occupation?

Although I'm trying to prepare myself for this market I'm participating in, in a couple of weeks time. That'll be fun.
And on Thursday I'm off for Budapest.
Anyone been there?
I'm thankful for tips on cool places to visit while there.

In other news I hear they've found another gun that might be the gun that killed Olof Palme (killed in 1986 and Sweden’s answer to the assassination of JFK).
Comment: The world is a very big place for things to go missing in.
I know cause I feel quite the same way about things in my own apartment and in some ways, sometimes, about myself.

Be good.

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