Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Words From MySpace - Somebody just pooped me

Somebody just pooped me

And so I went to Budapest to find out what life was like there. On my part it seemed pretty bizarre. Swirrling 36 C pools, retired NASA-men preforming in drag, some really lovely americans who told us that they had friends who believed that dinasours and humans excisted at the same time, some 3000 years ago.

I really enjoyed Budapest. Still, my cousin asked me: "How was Budapest compered to Prague? 'Cause we want to go somewhere, preferably with lots of christmas-feeling".
I adviced her to go to Prague, simply cause it's cozier. (smaller and perhaps less bizarre, as if christmas in itself isn't bizarre.)

Today was a crappy day, that's the price you pay for having fun. Which reminds me of these 3 ultimate truths about life I concluded some years ago.
Now, I won't go into them, all I can say is that I only could think of 3.
However I managed to bump into an old friend I haven't seen in quite some time, we had a quick coffee and then I went bowling.
I also saw this wooden dog wich made me go "???"

I'll correct any misspellings tomorrow, meanwhile you have to do with my ilitresy, illitrecie, illitracy... whatevah!

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