Friday, February 9, 2007

Words from MySpace - Brothers & Disturbance

Anna-Nicole died and I thought about honouring her memory by taking the daily happy-pills with some wine...

And I cried when the Swedish biathlon-team won.
Apparently there's something about Sweden winning biathlon
that makes me so much more emotional then when Anna-Nicole dies.
(I further confess that this wasn't the first time I've been caught crying when it comes to biathlon, the first time was when we took a freaking brons-medal in an olympic game som years ago. I just can't help myself.)
And I wonder if that's a sign of health or severe emotional disturbance?

(It might be something in the heritige cause I spoke to my granny on the phone today and she'd been sobbing too - just as my mother still does when they show re-runs of Bernt Johansson winning olympic gold in cycling, 1976!)

Another question/thought:

Brothers Zach Thorpe and Ian Braff


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