Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Words from MySpace - (Mastodontfilms) Mats

So it's a regular Wednesday and I'm on the subway on my way from work when this man I know comes and sits down next to me, by accident.
I say "Hi" and he replies "Hi".
I get a bit supriced that he doesn't answer more eunthustiastic cause I know this guy and his wife from work and a couple of years ago. I've bumped into him before and usualy we greet eachother more than this. I get a bit confused and blunty ask "Don't you recognize me?"
"No. We don't know eachother."
"But aren't you Mats?"
"No I'm not."
Somehow I still doubt him, Mats always used to be a kidder, but still... I decide to take his word for it, that he actually knows who he is.
"You look just like an old collegue of mine"
"Oh no, there's another one?"
And then we laugh.
The guy opposite reflects on us not knowing eachother, that the moment is a bit embarrasing.
I reply: "Well, we know eachother now."
And when the guy who looks like Mats stands up for his stop, he tells me to give his best to Mats.


It's -12 Celsius, aka bloody freakin' cold.
Quadra Pop rocks!
And I wouldn't say "no" to some candy.


Just nu tittar :
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