Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Words from MySpace - GodDammit!

Yes I am a feminist and I will tell you about Katarina Wennstam books on society's view on rapes, the guilt of the females and the silent acceptance of viewing men as a sexual beasts whose brain stop functioning - if he's turned on.

Some time ago there was a fake-commercial about a tampon with a spike in it. To be inserted and used by women as protection against anyone who'd try anything she didn't want to (unless she removed it).
Now I'm not supporting this kind of fictional device... or am I? But I do believe that rapes would be reduced if this kind of thing really existed. Men would listen and interpret the female signals more carefully if there was a chance of them getting hurt - if they ventured somewhere not welcomed.
Hence men are not those stupid sexual beasts society lets them out to be. So why don't they (some) take that responsibility and show that respect from the get go?

Things like that makes me furious.


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