Friday, May 11, 2007

Words from MySpace - Names with some eggs on the side...

Everything started with Jerry Hall and Bryan Ferry.
I had heard that Mick Jagger made the following comment about knicking Jerry from her then fiance Brian Ferry: "Well, someone had to save her from becoming Jerry Ferry".

It continued with "if Norweigan journalist/writer Åsne Seijerstaad married Brad Pitt" she'd become Åsne Pitt, which is really naughty but extreemly funny, if you know swedish.

And if Glenn Close married the former (swedish) football-player Glenn Hysén they'd both become Glenn Hysén.

Since then I (and Oliver) have continued trying to come up with funny marriage-combinations and here follows some of my most memorable contributions:

If Blu Cantrell marries Jack Black she'd become Blu Black.

If May West marries Brian May, she'd become May May.
Or... even better if she married Morris Day.

If Holly Hunter marries Edwin Moses...

Halle Berry and that guy from Hall and Oates...

And now when it's allowed for gay's to marry, then what about if Cliff Barnes married author George Hanger. Exciting!


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