Thursday, June 12, 2008

Words from MySpace - A couple of reviews

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

That's right, Girls truly just want to have fun.
Lesson 1 however: In order to have fun, avoid this movie completly.


If Rambo and Bourne Identity had a baby this would be it.

Pump Up The Volume

Sweetness me, this surely couldn't be set today... no cellphones and an underground radioshow (where the guy plays a regular vinyl).

Watch it yourself to find out all the other reasons why this is a movie worth love.

Dumb and Dumber

and dumbest...

Damien: Omen II

My inner child just wet her pants

Less Than Zero

This is perhaps the first reason why Robert Downey Jr is so brilliant. It is also an interesting piece - being that it was made in an era of happy-go-lucky-teen-boop-movies. This movie shows the backside of being young and rich, drugs, sex and rock n roll...
It is also written by american psycho's - Bret Easton Ellis, supposedly semi-autobiographical
And I cried when I watched it.

Air Force One

Question one.. who bores you more Tom Hanks or Harrison Ford?

The Wedding Planner

I think this movie was a huge insperation to the writers of the wedding crashers..

The Black Dahlia

A huger disappointment then the emptiness in Josh Harnetts eyes... and I'm such a Ellroy-fan. :¨(

The Savages

Want a ticket to the greatest movie-experience in 5 years?
Swing by my place in half a year, pay 30 spänn in the door and I'll reserve you a seat.

The Rock

It is a good thing that Sean did all those Bond-films, that way you can spend the time you have while watching this movie coming up with a 100 different reasons why Bond-films are so much better than this flick.

The Virgin Suicides

Everybody said this was supposed to be a good and important movie.
I thought it was too arty-farty and didn't movie me in any other direction besides horizontally.


Am I drunk?
I don't feel drunk.


Who's Blue-Ray and why is he depressed?

Just nu tittar :
The Bucket List

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