Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One or more thoughts on marijuana...

I'm reading Drew Barrymores autobiography and in it she's talking about her years of addiction. That girl smoked allot of pot.
Anyway, she raises an interesting thought about, marijuana per se and says: Addictive or not, I had problems and marijuana helped me escape them, which in itself became an addiction.

Being since I've never tried a illegal drug in my entire life (nor had the urge too) I've been puzzled as to what opinion to take. I am against it but I don't want to be like one of them who looks down on drugs just because someone says they're bad. But either way Drews point is interesting and probably very accurate.

Only, then I ventured on in my hazy mind and thought about what the natural shape of a human might be? If you take away problems and material stuff what's left?
Who needs a cloud of marijuana to inhale when one could just think about that question for a while...?

I don't know who and what we are, but I know that the Navaho Indians believe that everything in nature is striding towards beauty, which in their opinion is the natural shape of things.
On that note... I do believe drugs and all escapism keeps all of us from being who we really are, in whatever shape that might be...

Here's someone who did alot of drugs singing about a girl from a country known for heps of substance-use:

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