Friday, October 3, 2008

Women, Blacks and Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr is playing a black dude in "Tropic Thunder".
Of course you hear upset voices about the injustice in this. Who is he coming here playing a black guy and making fun of characteristics of blackness?! It's just yet another way for white people to keep us down!

I take the complete opposite point of view because of the following.
Why then is it ok for blacks to portray whites, which has been done numerous times. I'm not buying Eddie Murphy's various characters (black and white and women) being created to keep the subjects of those jokes down, it just for fun.
Another important point, I do not complain about men playing women on the wide screen, which actually is the same thing. The first time I recall that happening is by Fatty Arbuckle way back in the silent movies, since than it's been done more times than I can count while women playing men hasn't happened quite as often. When women finally play men it usually doesn't happened in the name of fun. Why is that?
If one wants to argue about the injustice between races being confirmed by movies I suggest one looks at it from the way that the portray is being done. In the early Fatty Arbuckle movies women wasn't the sharpest of brains and men usually portrayed them to get away from something (a chore or a crock)... which one could argue was a way of keeping us down.
But Roberts character in "Tropic Thunder" bares no resemblance to that what so ever, in fact he is quite the opposite which proves to me that; when you portray another group of people it's another way of saying "I accept you and your differences". And I do believe that if you can not be laughed at, you're not worth taking that serious neither.


Oh and while on the subject...
Robert Downey Jr AND Jude Law in one and the same Sherlock Holmes movie!

Yes I've found yet another reason to be happy to be alive.

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