Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Finally it's election-time, should I chose to watch TV or just finnish the Buster Keaton box?

No, serriously... Tonight's the night Obama will be voted president of USA.

I've been somewhat hessitive towards the democratic system in the US for quite some time.
One of the reasons is that a political system can be more or less promoting of ones democratic right to vote. The more people who vote equals the democratic strenght of a political system (corrolating with the number of political parties/candidates you can choose beteen).

Hindrens to a more democratical US

- You have to register to vote!
- Elections are held on a Tuesday (and people have to take time off from work to vote)
- The system is not organized so that it's nececcerily the candidate who gets the most votes who win, there's something called elector-states which can screw up the hole thing.

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