Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Safina and other cozy-factors in early November

One of the worlds greatest fighters is playing Venus Williams i Doha today - I'd say that qualifys her for the title Player of the day:

I'd also like to mention, as I'm also a big fan of her brother Marat, that although he's great Dinara by far passed him this year.
Inerestingly enough she used to have the same temprament problem hindering her to play the great tennis she has in her. As he but by some magic blow of the wind, she just overcame it. I really hope she'll be able to win her first Grand Slam next year.
First and formost I wish her victory in Doha.

Stockholm was cold today.
These to items keep me warm:

A pair of gloves bought at indiska for 79,90

A movie called "Brisby & the secret of Nimh". It's about a couple of mice who wants to move their house to the lay of the stone.

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Rogocop said...

That movie is so cozy, people fall asleep...