Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lesson 1: Swedish - English - Being really sheep

I buy pink sheet.

This is hillarious if your 9 years old (when my mother had her first english lesson with me).

Some swedish words to explain the "joke":
I [Ai] = Ouch
Bajs [Bays] = Poop

Pinka [Pinka] = Pee
Skita [Skii(/a)ta] = (to) Shit

Ouch poop, pee shit.

... and speaking of sheep jokes, this is the best commercial in years:


YogaforCynics said...

I buy pink sheet.

Wow--now, if I ever get to Sweden, I'm not gonna be able to resist saying that to everybody I see....

Toasty said...

Hysterical, Birgitta! This is what I love about languages, the meanings that can get you into hilarious mistakes. In Japanese, "oshiere" (you pronounce each letter in Japanese) refers to a shortage closet where futons are stored. "Oshiri", which has a similar sound to an English-speaker like me means "rectum". can imagine, can't you, the, ah, embarrassing situations one can get into y a slight misstep in pronunciation.

KeenEyeSharpTongue said...

And I do actually buy pink sheet(s)!

Reminds me of an embarassing mistake I made in French class. I meant to say I am hot (it was a boiling hot summer day) so I said "Je suis chaud" which translates directly as I am hot. Unfortunately the French actually say "J'ai chaud" (I have hot).

I had inadvertently told everyone "I am horny"

Ahhh. Nevermind, it was probably true anyway ;)