Monday, December 8, 2008

Ideas for your Christmas Cards

I'm not the most reliable sender of christmas Cards. But this year is different and I'm an inspired sendern.
Yesterday I realized that you actually can make postcards from regular cleaning cloths.
Like this:
  • Pencils for drawing on fabric
  • A couple of cloths
  • A few ideas on what to draw/write
  • A steady hand and a set mind
Decorate the front and then write the address and message on the back of the cloth.
Staple the stamp and they're good to go.

With this Christmas Card your friends and loved
ones will think of you everytime they wash up!

I also put up my christmas tree, which (as you
can see) matches
my Pink Panther just perfectly


burning windmill said...

I adore your christmas pink and applaud your washing up cards, more people should post odd about christmas veg? A Stamp applied to a carrot and thrown in the mail box?

Birgitta said...

that's actually a great idea, or how about a potatoe.. any rootfruit would work!
Oh, and thanks for the wine, it worked miracles! :)

WAQAS said...

hi birgitta thanx for visiting my blog, i really like your blog template and posts are really interesting. u will also like the power point presentation in my blog..


burning windmill said...

I have a bizarre sport/hobby/revenge tactic, anybody who annoys me or has upset me, I post them fruit/veg now and then wrapped up in brown paper...maybe i need to get out more

lovely wine, lovely lovely wine enters my blood stream :-)