Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Meeting New People...

What's the first thing you ask, when meeting new people?

Although completly useless, I want to know their name - only to forget it 30 minutes later:
- I'm sorry but I've got altzheimers light, what was your name again?

I'm not the slightest interested in peoples occupation/work. It doesn't say anything about a person. Just look at the people you're working with. Are you just like them?

My first question usually is

(if I'm at a private party)
- So, who do you know here?

(if there's someone I don't know)
- Who's up for some breakfast!?
[That was me attempting to joke]

- So what book are you reading at the moment?

Let me illustrate with a story from real life

Me: So, what do you do? No! Let me re-phrase, I'm not the slightest interested in what you do. What book are you reading?
He: Nothing, I don't read books.
Me: Oh... [silence]
Me: So where do you work?

Needless to say we didn't have many common grounds. But due to the book question we found out early on. And I'm greatful. Otherwise I might still be there listening to some endless chant about his work.

Peoples reading habits and what they read tells a whole lot about what kind of person you're dealing with.

Just think about when you visit peoples homes and look at their books, or lack thereof. What subjects, culture and people are the books about?

There's also always some history behind why a person keeps a book. Perhaps it's a lawbook since the person went to law-school. Or a book about Feng Shui which was a present to the owner from his/her aunt.

If you never ask, how will you ever learn if people have aunts or not?


MR. CHAP said...

Hmmm...that's very interesting and funny at the same time. I met someone new at karaoke last night and I didn't expect her to interesting outside of her being knockout gorgeous. I thank God that I dont date looks anymore because this chick was worse than Ms. South Carolina.

I didnt ask her about a book. I asked her if she blogged or read blogs. She asked, "what's a blog"... Needless to say, I disappeared in the crowd and resurfaced on the other side where I found more savvy, not-as-attractive women. Just the way I like 'em ;)

Birgitta said...

Good choice!

But I wonder... did she kareoke? and what did she sing?
That would be the same as with books for me, if someone enters the stage to sing Alphabeth st. by Prince, then I'm in love.

burning windmill said...

I agree. To be quite frank Ive given up trying to meet new people...when attempting to converse with them it always twists to the dreaded question of favorite band or football team - at which point I die inside.

Instead I rather like confusing them.

ASk them what their favorite vowel is, that always throws them off - then give them a cuddle, and watch as they desperately try to find a way away from you :-)

--what would people think of me from my books which are mostly

a) cooking books
b) art books
c) world war 2

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Toasty said...

I enjoy asking people questions about themselves when I meet them, because people enjoy talking about themselves, and so few people usually ask them to. I've found out a lot of fascinating things about people that way.

Mr. Chap's comment about the gal who didn't know what a blog was made me laugh. Kinda like asking a person what they read and getting that deer-in-the-headlights stare. Have to disappear to keep from laughing.

Willie said...

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