Monday, January 26, 2009

The figure skating file:

At the pub you usually find a group of guys who's there for beer and soccer on the telly. A couple of months ago I questioned why there's no other sports fan clicks in the bar?

I must confess that I've watched tennis in bars and that's ok with people, but if and when I scream and shout about Federers beautiful forehand people look at me funny.

A couple of months ago I decided to experement with the soccer watchers monopoly of TV's in bars. My plan was to try it out on figure skating - visit a bar with a TV and ask to watch figure skating. Just as people watch soccer.

Last week the european championships finally came. I decided to try to watch the mens final in a bar.
I knew that it would be inpossible to watch it in a real sportsbar like O'learys, they have scheduals on what they show. Luckely we remembered that at one of our regular places they had a TV, so we went there.
There were no other sports on for the night, just some documentary. So we got to watch the final. Not without complaints though - one of the guys in the bar obviously got so provoked by the sparkeling ice skaters that he very loudly had to point that out. I think he thought it reinforced his manhood on some level. The other guys joined in. Everyone apart from one who quietly watched some of it. He was drunk but I swear there were joy in his eyes.

When we left the very sweet waitress were stuck in the bar having to defend changing the channel to figure skating. She told them; "I actually like figure skating!" and we loudly stated that we loved it too, as we thanked for a nice evening and went our way...

Conclusion: I strongly recommend you to grab a friend for the next sporting event you like. Head for the bar and end the soccer monopoly, it ads more diversity, and, if figure skaking - glitter and sparkle to the world!


Kuday said...

Why mens final?? You should watch womens final at the bar :))
I watched it too, but somehow i didn't interested in finalist players. Rather i felt sorry and had a intensive sympathy for unsuccessful players. I'm wierd :)

Birgitta said...

I like the mens final more (3 swedish guys participated) and I did see the womens too, just not in a bar. I also chose the mens final because it's more provocative, which in itself is equally weird. Womens soccer is also provocative to some compared to mens.