Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Our country is not slippery when wet, it's slippery when cold.
Today I tried my best to hold on, not to slide off the planet.

When I was a kid and realized there was space on the other side of the clouds I asked my mother why we didn't just go there. Why were we stuck on earth?
The way I'm telling it, it seems I wanted to go there but I didn't. I had learned that we couldn't survive there.
My mother said that gravity keep us here and gravity was some kind of power, so I wondered what if gravity just stoped. She said that then we would pop out and fly into space... but that wouldn't happened, cause there would always be gravity holding us back and here.
I was still afraid.

Later I learned about Newton.
I like the guy. Especially on a filosophical level.

According to Newton there is mass, and mass contains gravity. The bigger the mass to more it attracts other mass. If there wasnt' marcury, earth, mars and a whole bunh of other planets, venus (the closest planet to the sun) would probably slipp into the sun. But us other planets are used as the oposite force of the sun and keeps it on status quo.
The further away one mass is from the other the less is the influence of it's gravity.

Indications of Newtons principal being true on a smaller and more earthy level:
Everyone leaves for places with more sun when they can hence they are drawn to the sun.

Indications of Newtons principal being false on a smaller and more earthy level:
If we were drawn to mass, then we would be attracted and drawn towards heavy and "fat" people since they contain more mass. But we are not. In fact many people are repulsed by it.

On the other hand that might just be us humans being... uhh... us humans. In the animal kindom being heavy is a sign of someone who doesn't have problems finding food . And such a partner would in fact be a great catch.

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