Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I found someone!

I was desperate for new music. Tired of listening to same old - same old.
I found last.fm, apparently 3 years after everyone else and just as people are going mad about Spotify.
Well, well, since I'm looking for new stuff to listening to last.fm suits me more. And I've finally found a way to ease my mind on japanese pop, of which I don't understand a single word.

Combined with the 80's it makes me quite happy.
Of course I feel like sharing.


burning windmill said...

Im rather worried that I watched this twice. There is something intoxicating about it...not sure what yet, maybe another watch....

Birgitta said...

Yes I know. I guess cause it's cause they succeded with craming everything corny and fun about the 80's into 3 minutes. It makes me happy.

tony Hogan said...

was that a drug experience or what, has someone spiked my tofu burger?