Thursday, February 12, 2009


A couple of days ago a friend remarked that my infactuation with Hercule Poirot in fact is a fetish. This, after I gloriously mentioned that I found the complete series of BBC Radio Dramas of Agatha Christies novels.
I never thought of it before, but I do understand that to others the joy my discovery brought me might seem a bit off.

I haven't always loved Hercule Poirot. In fact I thought he was quite obnockious at first. I even preferd Miss Marple (the old hag). But soon enough Hercule won my heart, although:
  • he's a pompus fart
  • he enjoyes talking about himself in third person
  • wherever he goes you can rest assure - someone's going to get murdered.

Besides loving Hercule I love pinup's too. My friend saw a link - why do you enjoy these strange things, what's the common ground?

Now I've spent 2 days thinking about it and reached the marvelous conclusion that both pinup girls and Hercule represent a prettier picture in harsch times.
Hercule was most active during the depression and then later during the world war (II). He is described in aristocratic surroundings and the state of the world seems far away.
Pinups came during the war, as eye-candy for soldiers.
Each represented a welcomed escape for their readers and watchers.

I imagine that's what I adore about them too, as comfort in confusing times.

My tip is not to read Agatha Christies books.
Try to get a hold of the BBC dramas and curl up and listen to them before you go to sleep. Or simply watch any of the movies, or the TV-series.


burning windmill said...

my little grey cells!

Poirot quite simply is the master of crime. I am attempting to read all of the nearly there.

My SKY+ Plus is also full of the wonderful egg man.

Im building up courage to read the final poriot book, but not sure I can take it, I cant live without him.

Useless triva to follow:

Apparantly Agatha got SICK TO DEATH of writing poirot stories and by the end hated him, so killed him off.

Gosh how I adore him, and the wonderful captain hastings. I could ramble on and about him, David Suchet's protrial of him is perfect.

Appologies for poor grammer / spelling / and the general poorness of this comment, this evenings wine intake has been larger than usual.

I'll pop some coffee in the email to you, should be there in a week :-)

Ill post a better comment than this tomorow because I quite simply adore poirot and would glady share a bed with him

Drunkengarderner said...

a wonderful man, a beautiful wonderful man