Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finland and the Euroviosion song contest!!

I walk up to the bar and there's a guy all dressed in white, order and feel a need for a chit-chat.

I: May you loog very white tonight!
He: Yes!
Since I'm wearing all blue I tell him that the decent thing to say would be that I'm looking very blue, in return. And he nods.
I: Together we're Finland!
He: [laugh] I'm from Norway!

And then we had a small chat about eurovision song contest which according to what I heard Norway is going to win this year.
Here's Norways contribution:

I don't know... the guy has a pretty poor English but I'm not sure if the rest of Europe cares?
Personally... so far I prefer Portugal:

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mwaybob said...

Oh my gosh, How I adore eurovision ever so.

I think everybody put in a good effort this year, bless andrew webber on his piano tinking away at those ivorys :-)

gosh my spelling is awful