Monday, April 19, 2010

The other Stones are comming back... with or without blue light!

This Friday there's some heavy funkin' going on at Fasching (jazz club) in Stockholm.
- Why?
- Because Stonefunkers are re-uniting. : )

Them remind me of this other song, labeled as Swedish ol' school rap, by Infinite Mass.

- But what's with all the blue lights? (in both of these videos)
- Well, there were this blue light trend in the early 90's. Many videos used the blue light effect and Prince even wrote a song about it. Today researchers believe that this was a reflections of our longing for space and the universe (universal knowledge) - a form of escapism from earth/ our country or just our flat.

- And OMG do they look like some real wannabe gansters?
- Yepp, this guy even wrote a song about them. Shakespeare also reflected on the subject when he said; "Throughout our lives we each play many different roles". In popular sociology scientists has since added "... with more or less success!" to complete Shakespeares sentence. It took them 30 so years to come up with that.

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