Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here's Johnny!

Over the years lots of songs have been written about Johnny and last week I fell in love with yet another one: "Johnny got a boom-boom" by Imelda May. It got me thinking about this Johnny-fellow. Who is he?

As usual I've done some research and came up with theese facts:
Johnny's born on the country side but moves to the city since he's an aspiering muscisian. (Johnny B Goode and Frankie & Johnny). Unfortunatly he has a drinking problem and likes to party with the boys in Return (Bye, bye Johnny) which leads to complications and temptations.
Cause he's got a girl called Frankie and problems keeping faithful.
He's also got a bestest friend named Mary who know's that the explenation to his behavior is that he wants to find sertainty nd looks for it everywhere else but where it is. (Frankie & Johnny, Johnny and Mary) Deep down Johnny believes that nnobody really knows the trouble he's in, and he's too proud to ask for help. Which leads him to get a boom-boom and become a big, bad boy. (Johnny come home and Johnny got a boom-boom).
My research on what he looks like doesn't conclude anything. All I can say is that if you see him I suggest you keep away!


curly said...

Who is this Johnny? where can we find him? he has questions to answer.

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