Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Benrik diaries - [no title included in this message]

As I reported I added a health unit for regular citizens to find if they searched for medical service - immunology or Benrik.
I added:
- A description - “For people immune against Benrik”
- A phone number to the company that publish the book in Sweden
- E-mail to Benrik
- A link to the homepage

My rebellious mind can only do so much (be rebellious for short periods of time). I’ve now removed the unit and will again focus on keeping a high quality on the information about heath-care.

I had to borrow an old mobile phone today since my last one wasn't too reliable. (It kept shutting off.)
The new signal is madness, complete madness I tell you!
Too perky with it's accumulating bling-bling - sounds like people are more eager to get a hold of me now than they used to be and I don’t know how to relate to this new way of life.
I think I’d like to change the signal but since I’m not planning to hold on to the phone… I won’t.
I’m also quite certain this builds character (annoying things always has that tendency).

What signal have you got on you mobile phone?

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