Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Benrik diaries - Monday, Monday.

I overslept. I feel so tired.
3 cups of coffee, going on my 4th. Will it help?
There's this mad thunder and rain outside, as well as many cars.

So, dear readers, as you might have heard there was a Swedish Benrik-meet this past Saturday.

We found:
- M1ndy, Rozebud and Lokomotiv
- Dog-poop
- A sceaming woman who tried to cheat me out of money (I've meet her before - even called the police on her, so I knew better).
- Muffins

Isn't it strange that benrikans are regular people? One would think that weirdos would be attracted to this kind of stuff. But from what I've learned that's not the case.

The meet was a success.
Therefor we're trying to organize some group-tasking for this week.

Chill out, be aware and stay put!

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